Custom Blythe Dolls

This is where I'll share some of my favorite photos of custom girls, as well as my custom commission price menu and waiting list, once I get them formatted the way I'd like for the new blog.  :)  I am accepting commissions on a very limited basis, as I am recovering from a torn ligament in my right hand.  I expect to re-open my commission list in the fall, but please feel free to contact me in the interim with any requests or ideas.  You might just have a project I can't refuse!  :)

Thank you so much for checking in!

Commission list (updated March 2014):
1. April:  Carolyn's panda inspired custom Cassiopeia Spice (RBL)
2. May:  Camille's Dorothy of Oz custom French Trench SBL

Other future custom girls in the works (non-commissioned, will go up for adoption when finished):

1 custom MSR with a pink thermal saran reroot, collaboration with Plasticfashion!
1 custom Alpaca rerooted Paradise Girl
1 custom RBL simply peppermint with multi-colored saran reroot commissioned from Milky Robot
1 gorgeously colorful SBL custom C9B
1 custom LPS petite rerooted with saran in shades of blue
1 EBL custom frupu
1 custom ADG pleasant peasant (I LOVE me some ADG girls!)
and.... recustomizing my first custom girl ever! :D  li'l miss blue-haired ADG.
1 China Girl (of Oz) custom Blythe doll