Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shop update with new OOAK handpainted eyechips at Cover Your Dolly

Hi everyone :)

My shop has been a bit sparse lately, as I've been trying to relocate myself and my studio back to the midwest, as well as working on customizing, but I got in a stretch of painting the past 2 days, and Cover Your Dolly has half a dozen new sets of eyechips to show for it!

I've been trying to decide one thing, though, about how I present my eyechips:  should I continue to show them both against a plain black or white background and sitting (NEVER glued, of course!) inside a lovely Blythe dolly-model?  Pros? Cons?
I'm not sure if it helps or hinders being able to envision the chips in your dolly to see them in a Blythe girl, but one who is not your own.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Here are photos of a few sets of my new chips (completely OOAK) to give you an idea of what I mean:

What do you think?  With dolly?  Without dolly?  If both, which should be the first image you see?

About my eyechips for Blythe:

My eye chips are lovingly handpainted with various dolly-safe paints and sealed with a reflective foil and black acrylic paint. 

The designs behind my eyechips are NOT drawn, printed, or painted on paper like some other eyechips, but are painted directly onto the clear eyechip itself, giving a lovely variety of depth in color and reflection.