Sunday, November 13, 2011

Updates, updates, updates!

Hello friends,
As most of you know, the past couple of months have been personally very tragic for me-- I thank you for your patience and kindness during this difficult time.  That being said, I'm back!
Here's what's new--

*I updated my custom commissions waiting list and custom Blythe project list today (click on "Custom Blythes" button above to check it out).  As you can see, I'm going to be customizing petites like crazy!  Breaking out the magnifying lamp! :)  Also on the customizing front, I'll be handpainting some custom eyechips during this time, and may make some of them available through Blythe Kingdom.

*Cover Your Dolly is up and running!  I'm working on a new and exciting line for the holidays and beyond.  I hope to release it soon :)  For the month of November enter coupon code ELEVEN for 11% off your order (this began 11/11/11, of course).

*I've been the Blythe Swap group administrator for 7 months (and 7 swaps) now, and am pleased to announce that I will be beginning the new year with a co-administrator!  You all know Anne from participating in swaps and running the group's twitter page, and we may have a third person helping as well so that we can get a regular newsletter going.  If this sounds like your kind of thing and you'd like to be involved, please feel free to contact me on flickr or Blythe Kingdom.  I will keep everyone informed with more details.  The first place to go for info. on the group (or if you want to join in on the swapping fun!) is our flickr page:

*Just-for-fun news:  I've relocated my studio and it's bigger and better than ever--so exciting!  I'm having a blast getting everything organized, and I'll be looking to all my crafty creative Blythe friends for inspiration!

*Last thing:  as you can see, I've redesigned the blog, and I'd LOVE any feedback from you on what you like, anything that's confusing, possible improvements, or any ideas you might have for the site.  I look forward to hearing from you!



  1. Huzzah to all of the above! I love the look of the blog! And I'm super excited to be helping out more with the swap group! :D

  2. Yay! Thanks so much :) I'll be in touch a bit later this week so we can figure out the swap group details. Thanks for reading and commenting on the blog! :)