Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The night...has a thousand eyes...

This song kept going through my head while I was painting eyechips for the third night in a row. SO much fun, but this is the end of it for a while, until my next batch of clear chips arrive. I ended up with these color/versions:

The honey-lime, peacock, aquamarine and royal phoenix are all on their way to dollies' heads ;), I'm not sure who will be getting the rest yet! I may keep the top middle set for one of my own stock gals...they're my favorite colors. :)

Now it's off to my next custom doll projects!
I'll be working on a full custom "mini-me" named Camille and a faceup and eyechip changes for a lovely Simply Lilac :)

Take care of yourselves, everyone!


  1. Your painted eyechips are so cool! It looks kind of freaky - all these eyes laying around^^ But they are soo beautiful!

  2. Thank you! I really need to find a better way of photographing them; they're so much more vibrant and detailed in person. :D I'm so happy that you like them! They're very fun to create.

  3. They look so awesome! I love them :) Makes any ordinary ones pale into insignificance! My favourites are those honey-lime (top-left?) Yum :D

  4. Thanks Beka! I really like those ones, too :) They're off to Kent for a special girl :) I want to make some similar ones for my SSS, Gadget! Happy early birthday, I'm excited for your blog party!