Sunday, July 31, 2011

My "first child" gets a turn to play

So my customizing mojo was working, and I had a very special dolly on the way who is a custom punkaholic, so I figured I'd better get Amelia's customizations done. For those of you who don't know, Amelia the Punkaholic was my first Blythe ever, a super-sweet gift from someone who noticed me doing the research and realized that she was the one that I wanted.
Through her transformation, I did more carving on her than I ever expected, totally reshaped her nose, and went heavier on the acrylics than I usually prefer, but I enjoy the results. She's somehow maintained her "personality" through all of it. I gave her some fun funky eyechips I've been saving for her, as well as some custom handpainted chips by the talented Amy (Zaloa) and the phoenix chips I painted myself. I'll paint her fourth set once I get my new batch of clear chips :) Here she is now (with the custom chips I painted for her):

Here she was in the first photo I have of her, when Ava first arrived ("before" photo):

Here's a photo featuring her carving, her new lids, lips, and lashes :)

And featuring her skully chips and a better view of her haircut with her new sister, Spice:

And finally, trying to "play nice," and showing off my favorite Zaloa chips ever:

I'll have more and better photos later, but just wanted to share my little punk's makeover.


  1. I LOVE Blythes too. I have no idea of what would be my dream doll though, because I don't know much about them. All I know is that one day I'll have one of those cute little dollies. Have a nice day and thanks for coming to my blog.

  2. That's cool! Lots of people don't know about Blythes, so it's neat being paired with someone who does. Thanks so much! I looked at a ton of the dolls before deciding, and I'd seen them in person, too. Punkaholic wasn't my dream doll, but she was as far as being the one that I liked the most that was in a reasonable price range for me. :) I love her. I had found another I would've chosen first, and had no idea that she costs over $1,000. I don't think I'll have that doll anytime soon, if ever. If you ever want ideas for places to look at Blythes, I can certainly hook you up :)