Sunday, July 31, 2011

My "first child" gets a turn to play

So my customizing mojo was working, and I had a very special dolly on the way who is a custom punkaholic, so I figured I'd better get Amelia's customizations done. For those of you who don't know, Amelia the Punkaholic was my first Blythe ever, a super-sweet gift from someone who noticed me doing the research and realized that she was the one that I wanted.
Through her transformation, I did more carving on her than I ever expected, totally reshaped her nose, and went heavier on the acrylics than I usually prefer, but I enjoy the results. She's somehow maintained her "personality" through all of it. I gave her some fun funky eyechips I've been saving for her, as well as some custom handpainted chips by the talented Amy (Zaloa) and the phoenix chips I painted myself. I'll paint her fourth set once I get my new batch of clear chips :) Here she is now (with the custom chips I painted for her):

Here she was in the first photo I have of her, when Ava first arrived ("before" photo):

Here's a photo featuring her carving, her new lids, lips, and lashes :)

And featuring her skully chips and a better view of her haircut with her new sister, Spice:

And finally, trying to "play nice," and showing off my favorite Zaloa chips ever:

I'll have more and better photos later, but just wanted to share my little punk's makeover.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The night...has a thousand eyes...

This song kept going through my head while I was painting eyechips for the third night in a row. SO much fun, but this is the end of it for a while, until my next batch of clear chips arrive. I ended up with these color/versions:

The honey-lime, peacock, aquamarine and royal phoenix are all on their way to dollies' heads ;), I'm not sure who will be getting the rest yet! I may keep the top middle set for one of my own stock gals...they're my favorite colors. :)

Now it's off to my next custom doll projects!
I'll be working on a full custom "mini-me" named Camille and a faceup and eyechip changes for a lovely Simply Lilac :)

Take care of yourselves, everyone!