Thursday, June 16, 2011

My latest and greatest challenge: The amazing miss Sally (custom Natasha Moore SBL)

Sally is my most extreme custom girl so far, and is very dear to me. She is inspired by Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, the sweet, sultry, sassy ragdoll extraordinaire. She loves her momma Betty and she loves her man Jack. Gorgeous mohair reroot by Sadi/ sadifairy. All other customizations by yours truly.

Here she is:

and here is how she came to be...

Sally started out her life as a delightful Natasha Moore named Nate. Here's Nate shortly after her arrival, getting acquainted with her new body:

All sanded down, here's the last glance at a blank Nate (punny, I know):

Sally's eye carving before and after-- I tried to capture the essential shape of Sally's eyes. This was as wide as I could make them while maintaining the integrity of the shape of the Blythe faceplate and having the eye mechanism in proper position (all images from The Nightmare Before Christmas do not belong to me, and were borrowed for personal brainstorming use and inspiration only).

Carving step 1: It's difficult to see the shapes extremely well here, it'll show up much better once painted. Also, these aren't her proper eyelashes.
with a little photoshop on the eyes to give you an idea of what one set of her chips will look like.

and a first hello from Sally :) (I just think this is cute):

The lovely painted lady in pieces before detail work (about 4 coats of painting and fine sanding here):

Unretouched outdoor photo of Sally's faceup:

After her stitches :)

All put together, but not quite ready for her public:

Getting the eyemech all ready for her custom lids (a surprise for her mama):

And the lids when finished:

Sally's pull charms for her sleepy eyes (she's also boggled and gaze-corrected):

Sally's eyechips--one of the things I love about this girl is that the same eyechips in different positions can create such drastically different expressions.

And now, for a few fun photos of Sally, fully formed (with her patchwork dress that I made and some awesome boots that Betty found):

from the shadows...

such an intense little gothic beauty:

who can also be a little accident-prone, just like the real Sally:

But is also one HOT dolly.

Goodnight, all, and thanks for visiting!


  1. Great work! The before-and-after effect is really faszinating! Your doll came out so similar to the original sally, love your work ;)

  2. Thank you, Caro :) I love her. She's one of my favorite characters, and I was thrilled to be able to work on her for and with a good friend. :)