Thursday, June 16, 2011

Abby (custom Cassiopeia Spice RBL)

Abby arrived at the very end of 2010 for a super-fun makeover :) She came for some carving and a whole new faceup including some unique lids and bright colors instead of earth tones. This fit her personality pretty well, since she's a very artsy girl who LOVES Hello Kitty :) She was lovely to begin with, just ready for something new.

Here are some photos of her transformation!

Abby's arrival:

Abby's carving, coloring, and lips before her faceup:

Abby's carving
after careful makeup removal and gentle sandmatting,
I got my carving tools out and reshaped Abby's nostrils, carved her philtrum and lips, and smoothed out a few rough spots in her factory eyesockets :)

A fresh, light new look for Abby (I LOOOOVED doing this girl's lips):

and, another view of those LUSCIOUS lips ;)

Abby's mom requested, as an artsy girl, that Abby have a "paint splotch" for her lid art. Looks really cute with her pull charms and bright new pullrings, too ;)

And here's miss Abby after her makeover, lovely as can be!:

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