Wednesday, November 23, 2011

new OOAK handpainted eyechips at Cover Your Dolly

Hello friends :)
I've been handpainting some eyechips lately, and have put some up for sale at Cover Your Dolly.  I often get started with one idea for a custom girl and then decide to go in a different direction as I'm painting, so I end up with lots of unique mixes of colors and patterns.  Here are a couple that I have up right now, for example:

These are both still available, and I'll be posting more throughout the week!  :)  I hope you like them, and as always, I welcome any feedback.  Thanks for visiting, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Petite customizing spree!

These four tiny gals are currently "on my slab" in my laboratory... I mean, studio.  That magnifying lamp has me feeling more like a mad scientist...hehe... :D  I love these little ones!  These are their "before" mugshots.  So sweet and innocent-looking, no?  We're ranging from a few changes to total overhaul:  I'll be excited to share the results!

I hope you all are having a refreshing start to the new week.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Updates, updates, updates!

Hello friends,
As most of you know, the past couple of months have been personally very tragic for me-- I thank you for your patience and kindness during this difficult time.  That being said, I'm back!
Here's what's new--

*I updated my custom commissions waiting list and custom Blythe project list today (click on "Custom Blythes" button above to check it out).  As you can see, I'm going to be customizing petites like crazy!  Breaking out the magnifying lamp! :)  Also on the customizing front, I'll be handpainting some custom eyechips during this time, and may make some of them available through Blythe Kingdom.

*Cover Your Dolly is up and running!  I'm working on a new and exciting line for the holidays and beyond.  I hope to release it soon :)  For the month of November enter coupon code ELEVEN for 11% off your order (this began 11/11/11, of course).

*I've been the Blythe Swap group administrator for 7 months (and 7 swaps) now, and am pleased to announce that I will be beginning the new year with a co-administrator!  You all know Anne from participating in swaps and running the group's twitter page, and we may have a third person helping as well so that we can get a regular newsletter going.  If this sounds like your kind of thing and you'd like to be involved, please feel free to contact me on flickr or Blythe Kingdom.  I will keep everyone informed with more details.  The first place to go for info. on the group (or if you want to join in on the swapping fun!) is our flickr page:

*Just-for-fun news:  I've relocated my studio and it's bigger and better than ever--so exciting!  I'm having a blast getting everything organized, and I'll be looking to all my crafty creative Blythe friends for inspiration!

*Last thing:  as you can see, I've redesigned the blog, and I'd LOVE any feedback from you on what you like, anything that's confusing, possible improvements, or any ideas you might have for the site.  I look forward to hearing from you!


Monday, October 31, 2011

Cover Your Dolly Grand Opening!

TONIGHT!  7pm Pacific Time.  13 items for $13 each, little appeteasers to 4 of my collections.  I hope you all enjoy and have a safe and Happy Halloween!  Prudence and I hope to see you there, though as you can see, she's a bit shy...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Miss Merriweather is ready for her faceup...

Well, she's already had it, now.  :)  Lilac Merriweather was a delight to be able to work on.  Her mom wanted her to have a more muted version of Simply Lilac's stock makeup, with an old-time elegant feel.  She's had sandmatting, very light carving, makeup in pastels and acrylics, a slight gaze lift, sleep-eyes, new lush lashes, eyechip replacements, and a boil perm (large curlers taken out early to give her some volume but keep the length).  Here she is--doesn't she look like she belongs in a Victorian garden?

and with a different look with new, more contrasting lips in pastels:

Hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow and I can take her out for some photos :)

Here's hoping that you're all well and happy!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Scheherezade is up for adoption!

My very first custom girl, a TLC ADG, is up for sale by her owner, Gina Garan, who adopted her from me in December of 2009.  It's really neat to see where the girls go :)  I'm tempted to get her back myself, just to have my first custom girl (I've progressed quite a bit since that little cutie-pie, but she is darling).  Thanks to Rachel for showing me the link!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Libby's little makeover :)

Once upon a time, I got an adorable little disco boogie to customize, and she was SOOOO cute that I decided I would customize all the other dollies first so I could play with her and keep her for a long time.

Libby was sad because she only had one set of eyechips, so she got to pick out special ones!  She got very excited because she could have any colors that she wanted.  She picked lilac, and dusty rose, and a bright sky blue.  She was so proud of her new eyechips, she couldn't wait to show them off to her flickr friends!  But there was trouble afoot.  Since she had moved to the desert, she developed allergies.  She got the sniffles, and sometimes her throat felt itchy, and her eyes were dry and itchy, too.  It was very sad.  She had just gotten her new eyechips, but couldn't touch her eyes to move them anymore because it made her eyes even more itchy and watery than they already were!  

I decided that something had to be done.  Libby had to lay on a soft bed and breathe deeply and count backward from ten.  She started to get very very sleepy.  When she opened her eyes, she looked around and was dazed.  She wasn't on the soft bed anymore.  She was sitting on the dolly shelf with all of her new friends around her.  Suddenly she was pulled back so much that her dress slid a little.  "I like these ones the best." said Sloane, who Libby suddenly saw in her peripheral vision through her bright blue eyes.  Had Sloane been the one to pull her backward?

Before she could ask, she felt herself pulled back again!  "The dusty rose are clearly the best," declared Elliott.  "and it's not just because I like pink.  They're great with her complexion."

"Hey!" said Libby.  "What is going on here?"  She was no longer looking at Sloane, but straight ahead at Elliott.  It MUST have been Sloane pulling her back.

"You guys!" said Reggie, "stop pulling on her string.  You're gonna give her a headache, and besides, ALL of the colors are the best.  That's why we have eight eyes, remember?

Libby finally had a pullstring that could work.  She was so happy that she could see through all of her new eyes, she yelled, "Sloane!  Yank it again!  I wanna show you my lilacs!"  Sloane was more than happy to oblige.

"Are you feeling okay, Libby?" asked Reggie, concerned.  "You just had a pretty big operation, you know."

"You know what, Reggie?" asked Libby.  "I love this sooooo much, do you know if your mom does plastic surgery?  I've always wanted freckles..."

Monday, August 8, 2011

Want your Takara petite or LPS Blythe customized for free?

Then this is the giveaway for you!
I'll take the first 3 gals I hear from :)  Want to give your petite Blythes or littlest pet shop Blythes the royal treatment like their big sisters?
You provide shipping and any special supplies (like if you want a reroot, provide the hairs), and I'll do the labor for free!
Feel free to comment here, message me on G+, facebook, or twitter!

2.Rachel D.
3.Rachel L.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Welcome to the new website!

Hello Friends!
This is my new space to play :)  What with my big new project (see "coming soon" above) and my desire to share some of my other creative endeavors with all you creative artistic people, I wanted to redesign the blog.  I hope that you all enjoy it.  I would love any comments or feedback that you might have, such as anything that would make the site easier to navigate or things you'd like to see.  Until then, I'll be playing with some dolls, taking and looking at some photos, and putting a newsletter together for this month's Blythe Swap!
Take care, and thanks for visiting!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

My "first child" gets a turn to play

So my customizing mojo was working, and I had a very special dolly on the way who is a custom punkaholic, so I figured I'd better get Amelia's customizations done. For those of you who don't know, Amelia the Punkaholic was my first Blythe ever, a super-sweet gift from someone who noticed me doing the research and realized that she was the one that I wanted.
Through her transformation, I did more carving on her than I ever expected, totally reshaped her nose, and went heavier on the acrylics than I usually prefer, but I enjoy the results. She's somehow maintained her "personality" through all of it. I gave her some fun funky eyechips I've been saving for her, as well as some custom handpainted chips by the talented Amy (Zaloa) and the phoenix chips I painted myself. I'll paint her fourth set once I get my new batch of clear chips :) Here she is now (with the custom chips I painted for her):

Here she was in the first photo I have of her, when Ava first arrived ("before" photo):

Here's a photo featuring her carving, her new lids, lips, and lashes :)

And featuring her skully chips and a better view of her haircut with her new sister, Spice:

And finally, trying to "play nice," and showing off my favorite Zaloa chips ever:

I'll have more and better photos later, but just wanted to share my little punk's makeover.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The night...has a thousand eyes...

This song kept going through my head while I was painting eyechips for the third night in a row. SO much fun, but this is the end of it for a while, until my next batch of clear chips arrive. I ended up with these color/versions:

The honey-lime, peacock, aquamarine and royal phoenix are all on their way to dollies' heads ;), I'm not sure who will be getting the rest yet! I may keep the top middle set for one of my own stock gals...they're my favorite colors. :)

Now it's off to my next custom doll projects!
I'll be working on a full custom "mini-me" named Camille and a faceup and eyechip changes for a lovely Simply Lilac :)

Take care of yourselves, everyone!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My latest and greatest challenge: The amazing miss Sally (custom Natasha Moore SBL)

Sally is my most extreme custom girl so far, and is very dear to me. She is inspired by Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, the sweet, sultry, sassy ragdoll extraordinaire. She loves her momma Betty and she loves her man Jack. Gorgeous mohair reroot by Sadi/ sadifairy. All other customizations by yours truly.

Here she is:

and here is how she came to be...

Sally started out her life as a delightful Natasha Moore named Nate. Here's Nate shortly after her arrival, getting acquainted with her new body:

All sanded down, here's the last glance at a blank Nate (punny, I know):

Sally's eye carving before and after-- I tried to capture the essential shape of Sally's eyes. This was as wide as I could make them while maintaining the integrity of the shape of the Blythe faceplate and having the eye mechanism in proper position (all images from The Nightmare Before Christmas do not belong to me, and were borrowed for personal brainstorming use and inspiration only).

Carving step 1: It's difficult to see the shapes extremely well here, it'll show up much better once painted. Also, these aren't her proper eyelashes.
with a little photoshop on the eyes to give you an idea of what one set of her chips will look like.

and a first hello from Sally :) (I just think this is cute):

The lovely painted lady in pieces before detail work (about 4 coats of painting and fine sanding here):

Unretouched outdoor photo of Sally's faceup:

After her stitches :)

All put together, but not quite ready for her public:

Getting the eyemech all ready for her custom lids (a surprise for her mama):

And the lids when finished:

Sally's pull charms for her sleepy eyes (she's also boggled and gaze-corrected):

Sally's eyechips--one of the things I love about this girl is that the same eyechips in different positions can create such drastically different expressions.

And now, for a few fun photos of Sally, fully formed (with her patchwork dress that I made and some awesome boots that Betty found):

from the shadows...

such an intense little gothic beauty:

who can also be a little accident-prone, just like the real Sally:

But is also one HOT dolly.

Goodnight, all, and thanks for visiting!

Dabiniere Violette (custom Punkaholic People RBL)

I'd been wanting to make a custom mohair girl for myself for a very long time, and since Amelia was my first Blythe and I absolutely LOVE her complexion, I decided to get another punkaholic as my base for this girl. It was pretty darned cute seeing them as twins, but I was thrilled to see this girl's transformation as well!
I partnered with the lovely Sadi (sadifairy) who did the work on her reroot, and ended up specially customizing this girl for a dear friend instead of myself.
Her new mama named her Dabiniere Violette :D Very sweet for a sweet girl, and I know she's loved very much!

Here are some photos of her transformation:

Amelia's twin arrives (Amelia's on the left, of course):

Showing off her new pulls after her "sleep-eye" surgery (and gaze correct):

Here she is after getting her new hairs, with the first of the 3 sets of handpainted eyechips I created especially for her:

And with each of the other two sets:

And finally, with some special lush lashes I added and some lid art I created with pastels, acrylic, and watercolor pencil:

And there's miss Dabiniere! :)

Abby (custom Cassiopeia Spice RBL)

Abby arrived at the very end of 2010 for a super-fun makeover :) She came for some carving and a whole new faceup including some unique lids and bright colors instead of earth tones. This fit her personality pretty well, since she's a very artsy girl who LOVES Hello Kitty :) She was lovely to begin with, just ready for something new.

Here are some photos of her transformation!

Abby's arrival:

Abby's carving, coloring, and lips before her faceup:

Abby's carving
after careful makeup removal and gentle sandmatting,
I got my carving tools out and reshaped Abby's nostrils, carved her philtrum and lips, and smoothed out a few rough spots in her factory eyesockets :)

A fresh, light new look for Abby (I LOOOOVED doing this girl's lips):

and, another view of those LUSCIOUS lips ;)

Abby's mom requested, as an artsy girl, that Abby have a "paint splotch" for her lid art. Looks really cute with her pull charms and bright new pullrings, too ;)

And here's miss Abby after her makeover, lovely as can be!:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back to the 'Blog!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to post a note to let you all know that I'll be making several updates to the blog in the next month or two. I see that my last entry was last year (yikes!), but don't let that fool you! I've been here the whole time (here being either Las Vegas or Northern Minnesota) and working with lovely people and customizing girlies all along.

Life has been crazy, but I'm starting to catch up with it. My grandmother had a stroke and a heart attack, and I've been spending lots of time with my family and taking care of her as much as I can. She's been doing better lately, which we are all very thankful for. Right now, I'm back in Vegas and working on lots of simultaneous projects.

My next project won't be until June! In the meantime, I'm working on an AMAZING girl for Betty. This doll is like none other I've made, and my most extreme custom yet. I can't wait to share her with you all! I've also got another girl I'm working on totally re-customizing, and I'll be sharing her transformation with you on here and on flickr.

Finally, I'll be posting some new testimonials in the next couple of weeks (I just posted one today, in fact), so head on over and read what the good people have to say, you good people!!

Thanks, as always, for your support and inspiration!