Saturday, October 9, 2010

From Skier to Mermaid: Lauryn's Transformation

Hi everybody!
I know I said I'd post Lauryn's photos long ago, but I wanted to wait until she got home to her mom and into her gorgeous godesia mermaid ensemble to totally complete her transformation. Now that Kersten has graciously allowed me to share the photo she took of Lauren in full mermaid regalia, I feel extra excited to make this post. I even got all goofy and made a multicolored background for her photo. :)

Introducing Lauren, the lovely mermaid:

I hope you love her as much as I do, but I don't know if that's possible. She has the THICKEST REROOT EVER (at least, from me). I fully used up all 6 bags of saran. It helped a lot that it was my favorite colors. :)
As a mermaid, my inspiration for her was in sea blues and greens, coral, and pearls.

Here is the process of how Lauren was transformed from a Merry Skier to a mermaid.

Lauren upon arrival:

A good eyeball soaking to get out the lashes, which were DEEPLY embedded, and clean out the sockets for all new eyechips:
soaking her eyeballs!

Sandmatting, a buttoned nose, slight lip and eye carving, and makeup done with pastels and acrylic sealant:
Lauryn's faceup, sea colors :D

New custom eyechips and special green lashes to go with the highlights in her hair:
Lauryn's new eyes :)

An inside look at Lauryn's reroot:
Inside Lauryn's reroot

After her hair treatments, showing off her wavy hair, her charms, and her charm :)
Beautiful girl

I just love this photo of her-- gives you a nice view of her sleepy eyes, too...
Sweet dreams  ADAW 40/52

Congratulations again, Kersten and Lauren, for being the first prize winners in the Custom Dream Blythe Contest. I'm so grateful I got to create this beautiful girl.


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