Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tiffany's Transformation

Tiffany was the 2nd place winner of the custom dream Blythe contest. Her mother had a wonderfully detailed proposal with EXACTLY what she wanted for Tiffany, and she got it all! She's been home in Singapore for a while now, but I just got time to share her transformation.

I got super-detailed instructions on every bit of this girl, from the type of carving to the painting on the lids to the exact coloring, shape, and width of her makeup. I think the proposal was at least a full long page-- extremely well-thought out. This girl deserved to win, that's for sure. I'm very glad that her mom got exactly the girl she wanted! She took a bunch of elements I've never seen together before and created a truly one-of-a-kind vision for a doll. It was fun working on a girl who needed a bit of restoration and some hair treatments: Tiffany is completely different from when she arrived, and here are some photos to prove it ;)
Oh! P.S.--making the custom eyechips was SOOOO much fun, I got to play around a lot!

Tiffany upon arrival--a bit disheveled and just a touch melted:

After sandmatting and carving, and de-melt-marking ;)

Her lovely new lashes:

Her new eyechip sets (2 coolcat choices and 2 custom painted by me):
Tiffany's new eyechips and lashes

And her final look! (featuring her sleep-eyes and custom eye chips):

I'll try to post Lauryn's transformation within the next week or so. Coming up in the next couple of months: a super-secret AWESOME transformation, possibly some darling twins, my purple mohair girl, and some custom ADG girls! I have 2 openings for December, so FM, PM, or message me if you'd like to get on the list! Thanks so much for stopping by. As always, any feedback or comments are greatly appreciated.

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