Saturday, July 24, 2010

June heads home in July

Oddly enough, the last contest girl to arrive is the first to go home (she only needed a faceup and eyework). Tiffany is STILL waiting for her eyechips and lashes to arrive from coolcat (it's NEVER taken this long before), and Lauryn's in process of reroot.
So here's the lovely miss June!:

As an art project, in her "original state":
June before customizations

On the day she arrived in Vegas, with rough sanding that removed paint:

June's closeups :)

After sandmatting, boggling/gaze lift/sleep eyes/new lashes, philtrum/eye/lip carving, and lip makeup:
June's flirty new lashes :)

Full view of her faceup and lids:
June's full faceup, featuring lids

All finished!:
ooo...pretty flowers!
Lounging Lovely in from our short "walk"
*the flower hairclip in this photo was the inspiration piece that Tanya gave me for June's new look!
not quite ready to travel yet..

Lots more custom dollies to come!