Monday, April 26, 2010

Introducing: Pearl!

Sorry about no recent updates, I've been rerooting like crazy :)

Here is an update on Pearl's makeover--she's all ready to go, heading for home tomorrow.

Here she is before as a stock Frosty Frock:

And now as the lovely Pearl:

Pearl LOVES her new hair :D
My mom has great taste :)
An inside look at her reroot:

I use the knot method rather than lock-loop because if anything happens to compromise a plug on the lock-loop, it's like crocheting--the whole thing can come undone! With the knot method (though it's more time-consuming), if one plug is compromised, nothing else is and it won't be missed.

Here are all of her eyechip colors, foiled and sparkly to maintain the glam :) :

Her mom originally wanted her to be a 1930's Hollywood glamour girl with short finger curls, but after finding this hair for her fell in love with it and wanted to keep it long, straight, and chic. Either way, I think she's stunning!

Now, I'm working on Tuesday's reroot. Change in plans for her hair: it'll be about elbow length (rather than super-long) and black with bangs. I love these girls :D


  1. Thank you! She went for the simple, glamorous, chic look :D