Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Custom Dream Blythe Contest

For my next big project(s), I decided to start a contest! What fun!

Who does your girl dream to be?

Click HERE to check out the group page and enter the contest!

What does your girl dream to be? Submit a photo of your current girl and any sort of representation (drawing, description, photoshopped pic, etc) of what she would ideally look like. Don't hold back--make her your dream girl! Each member can submit one doll to the contest.

Have fun, use your imagination, and feel free to change your mind if you get a burst of inspiration (even for one of your other girls)--if you do so, just be sure to remove the entry you don't want considered.

I will choose the 3 winners on the last day of May and do free custom work on their girls!

I'm doing this because I love it when people are able to express their creativity, I love customizing these girls, I love a challenge, and I know how expensive customizations can be because of the hours and hours of detailed work involved. If you've had a custom done by me before, please don't hesitate to enter--everyone has an equal chance!!

By submitting your entry, you are agreeing to pay for costs to ship your doll to and from my studio in Las Vegas and assume all responsibility for proper packaging and shipment to my studio. You also agree to provide any special supplies you'd like used in your customization (eyechips, pulls, scalps, saran, bodies, clothing, etc.).

Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions, references, etc.

PRIZES (I reserve the right to add additional prizes depending on the response I get!):

1st place: complete transformation of your girl: can include full reroot, haircut, sleep eyes, installing new pullstrings and pulls, boggling, gaze correction, eye chip replacement, sandmatting, full new makeup (eyelids, eyeshadow, lips, blush, etc), body replacement, and detail work like tattoos or special designs painted on lids or face. You only pay for any extra supplies (eyechips, pulls, body parts, saran, etc) and shipping. All labor is free.

2nd place: everything included in the 1st place prize, except for the reroot. I will be happy to do a scalp swap of the same mold on this girl, though--just send the desired scalp if you wish! Again, you only pay for any extra supplies (eyechips, pulls, body parts, etc) and shipping.

3rd place: full faceup (including sandmatting and makeup) and eyework on your girl--everything but the hair. You only pay for any extra supplies (eyechips, pulls, etc) and shipping.

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