Thursday, March 25, 2010

Customizations on an Adorable Aubrey

The second Blythe I customized and adopted out was much less drastic than the first, but I am very happy with how she turned out! I switched her from a licca back to her takara body because it felt more glamorous, which went with her new look.
Her eyelids took forever and a few tries, but I'm very happy with how they finally turned out. I also gave her sleep eyes, switched out eyechips, slightly boggled her, sandmatted around her stock eyeshadow and lips and sandmatted off her blush--it's really rare that I like the girls blushy.
She is also happily living with her new family and getting lots of attention from her new mom and sister :)

Before(stock except eyechips and licca body:



  1. Love what you did with this Adorable Aubrey - she really is 'adorable' now - my PDAA 'Ferret' is so jealous :D

  2. :D I'm sure she's gorgeous-- Adorable Aubrey is the most gorgeous stock doll I had the pleasure of working with so far. And if Ferret decides she wants a makeover, you can always send her my way ;) I'm sure she'd have no problem telling me what she wants! LOL