Monday, March 29, 2010

Tuesday Extreme's Extreme Makeover

Here, her faceup is complete. I'm just awaiting eyechips and will be doing a reroot for her in long black saran, and she'll be all ready to go home. I haven't had a chance to take any daytime shots, so please excuse the lamp glare, but here's an idea of what she looks like now:

and before her faceup and eyework (and body and tattoo):

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Customizations on an Adorable Aubrey

The second Blythe I customized and adopted out was much less drastic than the first, but I am very happy with how she turned out! I switched her from a licca back to her takara body because it felt more glamorous, which went with her new look.
Her eyelids took forever and a few tries, but I'm very happy with how they finally turned out. I also gave her sleep eyes, switched out eyechips, slightly boggled her, sandmatted around her stock eyeshadow and lips and sandmatted off her blush--it's really rare that I like the girls blushy.
She is also happily living with her new family and getting lots of attention from her new mom and sister :)

Before(stock except eyechips and licca body:


My first custom girl

My first custom girl was an amazing challenge, and very rewarding. I purchased her, took her apart, and learned from various online tutorials how to safely make her over completely. I was very fortunate that when I put her up for adoption in January, she was adopted by the wonderful and talented Gina Garan, (check out her website at given an exciting and loving home. Here are her before and after shots:



I know people steer clear of customizing ADG girls, and they are difficult, but also very exciting to work with. Right now, I have 2 other ADG customs in the works!