Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween from Marjorie Stewart-Baxter (and me)

I'd been waiting to post photos of my latest ADG custom until she had an official name. And it's the best name for her EVER :D I'm very excited that this spooky lovely girl made it home to her fantastic new mom in time for Halloween. Here she is now, followed by some photos of her transformation.

Happy Halloween, everybody!!

Marjorie started out as a NRFB Roaring Red:
Red's arrival

Another Halloweeny photo for you, here she is all scalped, sandmatted, and carved, and waiting for her EBL body, having hijacked one in the meantime:
Red hijacks a body DDW 5/52

Here's a closeup of her carving and makeup:

And some photos of her at her new home, courtesy of MJ--thanks for letting me post them here!

Thanks for reading, I'll be featuring a purple mohaired girl and a super-special surprise gal in the next 2 months, I hope you'll enjoy them as well.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

From Skier to Mermaid: Lauryn's Transformation

Hi everybody!
I know I said I'd post Lauryn's photos long ago, but I wanted to wait until she got home to her mom and into her gorgeous godesia mermaid ensemble to totally complete her transformation. Now that Kersten has graciously allowed me to share the photo she took of Lauren in full mermaid regalia, I feel extra excited to make this post. I even got all goofy and made a multicolored background for her photo. :)

Introducing Lauren, the lovely mermaid:

I hope you love her as much as I do, but I don't know if that's possible. She has the THICKEST REROOT EVER (at least, from me). I fully used up all 6 bags of saran. It helped a lot that it was my favorite colors. :)
As a mermaid, my inspiration for her was in sea blues and greens, coral, and pearls.

Here is the process of how Lauren was transformed from a Merry Skier to a mermaid.

Lauren upon arrival:

A good eyeball soaking to get out the lashes, which were DEEPLY embedded, and clean out the sockets for all new eyechips:
soaking her eyeballs!

Sandmatting, a buttoned nose, slight lip and eye carving, and makeup done with pastels and acrylic sealant:
Lauryn's faceup, sea colors :D

New custom eyechips and special green lashes to go with the highlights in her hair:
Lauryn's new eyes :)

An inside look at Lauryn's reroot:
Inside Lauryn's reroot

After her hair treatments, showing off her wavy hair, her charms, and her charm :)
Beautiful girl

I just love this photo of her-- gives you a nice view of her sleepy eyes, too...
Sweet dreams  ADAW 40/52

Congratulations again, Kersten and Lauren, for being the first prize winners in the Custom Dream Blythe Contest. I'm so grateful I got to create this beautiful girl.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tiffany's Transformation

Tiffany was the 2nd place winner of the custom dream Blythe contest. Her mother had a wonderfully detailed proposal with EXACTLY what she wanted for Tiffany, and she got it all! She's been home in Singapore for a while now, but I just got time to share her transformation.

I got super-detailed instructions on every bit of this girl, from the type of carving to the painting on the lids to the exact coloring, shape, and width of her makeup. I think the proposal was at least a full long page-- extremely well-thought out. This girl deserved to win, that's for sure. I'm very glad that her mom got exactly the girl she wanted! She took a bunch of elements I've never seen together before and created a truly one-of-a-kind vision for a doll. It was fun working on a girl who needed a bit of restoration and some hair treatments: Tiffany is completely different from when she arrived, and here are some photos to prove it ;)
Oh! P.S.--making the custom eyechips was SOOOO much fun, I got to play around a lot!

Tiffany upon arrival--a bit disheveled and just a touch melted:

After sandmatting and carving, and de-melt-marking ;)

Her lovely new lashes:

Her new eyechip sets (2 coolcat choices and 2 custom painted by me):
Tiffany's new eyechips and lashes

And her final look! (featuring her sleep-eyes and custom eye chips):

I'll try to post Lauryn's transformation within the next week or so. Coming up in the next couple of months: a super-secret AWESOME transformation, possibly some darling twins, my purple mohair girl, and some custom ADG girls! I have 2 openings for December, so FM, PM, or message me if you'd like to get on the list! Thanks so much for stopping by. As always, any feedback or comments are greatly appreciated.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

June heads home in July

Oddly enough, the last contest girl to arrive is the first to go home (she only needed a faceup and eyework). Tiffany is STILL waiting for her eyechips and lashes to arrive from coolcat (it's NEVER taken this long before), and Lauryn's in process of reroot.
So here's the lovely miss June!:

As an art project, in her "original state":
June before customizations

On the day she arrived in Vegas, with rough sanding that removed paint:

June's closeups :)

After sandmatting, boggling/gaze lift/sleep eyes/new lashes, philtrum/eye/lip carving, and lip makeup:
June's flirty new lashes :)

Full view of her faceup and lids:
June's full faceup, featuring lids

All finished!:
ooo...pretty flowers!
Lounging Lovely in from our short "walk"
*the flower hairclip in this photo was the inspiration piece that Tanya gave me for June's new look!
not quite ready to travel yet..

Lots more custom dollies to come!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Heads Home on a Tuesday :D

Well, miss Tuesday Extreme is all finished and heading home today!

Here's a recap of what she looked like when she arrived:
Tuesday Extreme

In process:

after her faceup and tattoo :)
Tuesday ventures outside pt. 1

after her haircut :)
Tuesday's new look :)

And what she looks like now:
Tuesday in process
My last day with Tuesday
ready to wrap!

(that last one obviously has the contrast kicked up just for fun)

It's been wonderful having the opportunity to transform this doll-- she's got such great personality. She can be edgy and dark, but sweet and innocent also, almost all at the same time. I've loved working on her.

Taking a break from customizing now until June, when the winners of the Custom Dream Blythe Contest will be chosen! There's still time to enter if you haven't!:

Thanks for reading, and as always I appreciate any and all feedback. Take care!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pearl arrives home

Heather styled her up for a whole new look--she's so awesome! I love how Pearl can be (as Heather said) "a rocker chick," Hollywoood glam, or even go Victorian like in these photos. On another note, I miss Pearl already. I accidentally got attached when I wasn't looking--oops.
Photos taken by and published with the permission of Heather Fogg:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Custom Dream Blythe Contest

For my next big project(s), I decided to start a contest! What fun!

Who does your girl dream to be?

Click HERE to check out the group page and enter the contest!

What does your girl dream to be? Submit a photo of your current girl and any sort of representation (drawing, description, photoshopped pic, etc) of what she would ideally look like. Don't hold back--make her your dream girl! Each member can submit one doll to the contest.

Have fun, use your imagination, and feel free to change your mind if you get a burst of inspiration (even for one of your other girls)--if you do so, just be sure to remove the entry you don't want considered.

I will choose the 3 winners on the last day of May and do free custom work on their girls!

I'm doing this because I love it when people are able to express their creativity, I love customizing these girls, I love a challenge, and I know how expensive customizations can be because of the hours and hours of detailed work involved. If you've had a custom done by me before, please don't hesitate to enter--everyone has an equal chance!!

By submitting your entry, you are agreeing to pay for costs to ship your doll to and from my studio in Las Vegas and assume all responsibility for proper packaging and shipment to my studio. You also agree to provide any special supplies you'd like used in your customization (eyechips, pulls, scalps, saran, bodies, clothing, etc.).

Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions, references, etc.

PRIZES (I reserve the right to add additional prizes depending on the response I get!):

1st place: complete transformation of your girl: can include full reroot, haircut, sleep eyes, installing new pullstrings and pulls, boggling, gaze correction, eye chip replacement, sandmatting, full new makeup (eyelids, eyeshadow, lips, blush, etc), body replacement, and detail work like tattoos or special designs painted on lids or face. You only pay for any extra supplies (eyechips, pulls, body parts, saran, etc) and shipping. All labor is free.

2nd place: everything included in the 1st place prize, except for the reroot. I will be happy to do a scalp swap of the same mold on this girl, though--just send the desired scalp if you wish! Again, you only pay for any extra supplies (eyechips, pulls, body parts, etc) and shipping.

3rd place: full faceup (including sandmatting and makeup) and eyework on your girl--everything but the hair. You only pay for any extra supplies (eyechips, pulls, etc) and shipping.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Introducing: Pearl!

Sorry about no recent updates, I've been rerooting like crazy :)

Here is an update on Pearl's makeover--she's all ready to go, heading for home tomorrow.

Here she is before as a stock Frosty Frock:

And now as the lovely Pearl:

Pearl LOVES her new hair :D
My mom has great taste :)
An inside look at her reroot:

I use the knot method rather than lock-loop because if anything happens to compromise a plug on the lock-loop, it's like crocheting--the whole thing can come undone! With the knot method (though it's more time-consuming), if one plug is compromised, nothing else is and it won't be missed.

Here are all of her eyechip colors, foiled and sparkly to maintain the glam :) :

Her mom originally wanted her to be a 1930's Hollywood glamour girl with short finger curls, but after finding this hair for her fell in love with it and wanted to keep it long, straight, and chic. Either way, I think she's stunning!

Now, I'm working on Tuesday's reroot. Change in plans for her hair: it'll be about elbow length (rather than super-long) and black with bangs. I love these girls :D

Monday, March 29, 2010

Tuesday Extreme's Extreme Makeover

Here, her faceup is complete. I'm just awaiting eyechips and will be doing a reroot for her in long black saran, and she'll be all ready to go home. I haven't had a chance to take any daytime shots, so please excuse the lamp glare, but here's an idea of what she looks like now:

and before her faceup and eyework (and body and tattoo):

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Customizations on an Adorable Aubrey

The second Blythe I customized and adopted out was much less drastic than the first, but I am very happy with how she turned out! I switched her from a licca back to her takara body because it felt more glamorous, which went with her new look.
Her eyelids took forever and a few tries, but I'm very happy with how they finally turned out. I also gave her sleep eyes, switched out eyechips, slightly boggled her, sandmatted around her stock eyeshadow and lips and sandmatted off her blush--it's really rare that I like the girls blushy.
She is also happily living with her new family and getting lots of attention from her new mom and sister :)

Before(stock except eyechips and licca body:


My first custom girl

My first custom girl was an amazing challenge, and very rewarding. I purchased her, took her apart, and learned from various online tutorials how to safely make her over completely. I was very fortunate that when I put her up for adoption in January, she was adopted by the wonderful and talented Gina Garan, (check out her website at given an exciting and loving home. Here are her before and after shots:



I know people steer clear of customizing ADG girls, and they are difficult, but also very exciting to work with. Right now, I have 2 other ADG customs in the works!